Open Cholecystectomy without Drain, a Safe Option

Javed Khan, Asghar Ali


Background: Open Cholecystectomy is still largely performed as an operation of choice for Gall stones. No doubt Laparoscopic
Cholecystectomy is a gold standard, this option has limitations in periphery due to unavailability of equipment in our peripheral
Objective: The objectives of our study is to analyse the outcome of open cholecystectomy without intraperitoneal drainage in
terms of complications.
Material & Methods: The patient admitted to District Head Quarter Hospital Timergara from Oct 2015 to Feb 2017 were included in the study who underwent open cholecystectomy. Total of 144 patients were included in our study.
Results: Total 144 patients underwent open cholecystectomy without drain..138 female (95.83%) and 6 male (4.17%) patients age of 12 to 60 years. The hospital stay in this series was 1-5days with average of 2days. Post-operative pyrexia was noted in 6%(8.4%). Major complication like biliary peritonitis, deep SSI, sub hepatic abscess, Walkman Walter syndrome were not observed. No mortality was observed in these cases. The overall complication rate and hospital stay significantly less than compared to open cholecystectomy with intraperitoneal drainage.
Conclusion: In general, open cholecystectomy without drain is associated with fewer incidences of wound and other
complications, less postoperative discomfort, early mobilization that leads to decreased DVTs and shorter hospital stay with early return to work.


Open Cholecystectomy, Safe Option

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