Bogota Bag- A Novel Experience at Saidu Teaching Hospital Swat

Muhammad Hussain, Anwar ul Haq, Fazal Elahi, Nizam ud Din, Alamzeb Khan, Amir Amanullah, Manzoor Ali


Background: Laparotomies done for various conditions in which primary closure may leads to complications.
Objective: To assess the efficacy of bogota bag for temporary abdominal closure in laparotomies.
Material & Methods: This descriptive study was conducted at Saidu Teaching Hospital/Saidu Medical College Swat, Pakistan,
from April 2016 to September 2018. Our study population included all patients who had laparotomies for various indications including abdominal sepsis, abdominal visceral edema and trauma during the said period. These patients had temporary abdominal closure done with bogota bag. The data was analysed by SPSS 18.
Results: In our study population of 17 patients, 11 were males and 06 were females. The indications for laparotomy included
abdominal trauma in 2 patients, acute abdomen resulting in sepsis and edema of abdominal contents in 12 patients and mesenteric ischemia in 3 patients . Complications developed in patients managed with bogota bag were wound infection in 5 patients, bogota bag reapplication in 2 patients, ventral herniation in 2 patients, enteroatmospheric fistula in 1 patient and 1 patient died because of the sepsis and multi organ failure. Delayed primary closure (DPC) was done in 15 patients and healing by secondary intention occured in 2 patients.
Conclusion: In conclusion bogota bag application for laparotomy wound closure was a novel technique in our institute, it reduces
mortality and burst abdomen. It is easy to learn technique with cost effectiveness and better tolerability profile. We recommend its use in laparotomies done for various indications where primary closure may lead to Abdomen compartment syndrome, burst abdomen many other complications and even mortality.


Bogota bag, laparotomy, temporary abdominal closure, delayed primary closure, abdominal sepsis

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