Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients on Maintenance Hemodialysis

Mufti Baleegh Ur Raheem Mahmood, Ahmad Zeb Khan, Irfan Mirza, Najamuddin ., Syed Munib, Rahmat Ali Khan


Background: Anemia is one the most important complications of chronic kidney disease. Anemia contributes to increased
morbidity, mortality and poor quality of life of such patients especially those on maintenance hemodialysis. Multiple therapies are established in prevention and treatment of anemia of chronic kidney disease. Despite use of such measures, anemia is a common observation in these patients.
Objective: The objective of this study was to estimate the prevalence of anemia in our chronic kidney disease patients on
Material & Methods: In this descriptive cross-sectional study, we examined the frequency of anemia in our chronic kidney disease
patients on maintenance hemodialysis as well as the utilization of iron, erythropoiesis stimulating agents and blood transfusion
among them. After permission from hospital ethical committee, blood indices were checked for each patient including hemoglobin and mean corpuscular volume prior to hemodialysis session. Data regarding iron and Erythropoietin treatments and blood transfusions was obtained from patients. Data was recorded on proforma and analyzed.
Results: A total of 110 patients were studied (male to female ratio: 1.4:1). Mean age was 41.14 years (SD ± 16.52). Anemia was found in 87% of patients. Mean hemoglobin was 7.95 (SD ± 1.65). Around two third (74.5%) patients were taking erythropoietin therapy and 61% were on intravenous iron therapy. Majority of patients (89%) had received blood transfusions in the past.
Conclusion: Based on our study we conclude that anemia is highly prevalent in our chronic kidney disease patients. Blood
transfusions are frequent despite use of Iron and erythropoietin therapy


Anemia, Chronic kidney disease, CKD., Hemodialysis, Blood transfusion, Erythropoietin, EPO, Iron replacement therapy

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