Frequency of Common Etiologies of Pancytopenia Seen on Bone Marrow Aspiration

Zohra Samreen, Abdul Baqi Durrani, Muhammad Kamran Taj


Background: Pancytopenia is a relatively common hematological entity. It is a striking feature of many serious and life-threatening
illnesses, ranging from simple drug-induced bone marrow hypoplasia, megaloblastic anemia to fatal bone marrow aplasias and
leukemias. The severity of pancytopenia and the underlying pathology determine the management and prognosis therefore exact
diagnosis may be life saving and have good impact on pancytopenia patients.
Objectives: To determine frequency of common etiologies of pancytopenia seen on bone marrow aspiration.
Material and Methods: Cross sectional study design was used for research and the study was conduct at Department of Medicine
Unit- I, Bolan Medical Complex Hospital Quetta. Total sample size calculated was 100 with confidence level of 95%, level of
significance 5% and power of test 80%. Patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria were selected followed by their detailed history and
physical examination. Blood samples collected were sent for appropriate investigations.
Results: Pancytopenia is a clinical condition in which there is reduction in the number of the RBC, WBC and platelets. As a large
number of proportion for pancytopenia are treatable, reversible therefore accurate diagnoses and timely involvement may be
lifesaving and will have positively impact of the morbidity and mortality on these susceptible patients. Most frequent causes of
pancytopenia seen on bone marrow aspiration were aplastic anemia (44%) followed by leukemia (30%), malaria (12%), hepatitis
(8%) and tuberculosis (6%).
Conclusion: Bone marrow aspiration is relatively a very safe invasive procedure and principally permits cytological
assessment, since the principal of pathology controls the management and diagnosis of the patients.Etiologies, Pancytopenia, Bone, Marrow, Balochistan


Etiologies, Pancytopenia, Bone, Marrow, Balochistan

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