Application of Orem's Nursing Theory to a Stroke Patient: A Case Study

Nasreen Ghani, Muhammad Suliman, Anis Fatima


Background: The goal of any nursing theory is to direct and guide the nursing praxis. Orem reshapes the nursing profession by defining the profession paradigms in new dimensions.

Materials & Method: Orem’s theory as a blueprint in a case study was utilized to obtain the fruitful outcomes for a stroke patient in a medical ward of a tertiary care hospital.

Results: Assessment was made accordingly, in the light of Orem’s nursing self-care theory; universal self-care requisites and nursing components were incorporated and evaluated. Changes observed in the physical and psychosocial health towards self-care and independence as a result of theory application

Conclusion: Care according to the Orem’s theory enabled the patient to get independence and managed own physical and psychosocial health to a greater extent however, some dependency and provision of care still felt needed.


Orem, Nursing Theory, Self-care, Stroke

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