Prevalence of Anxiety and Depression amongst Patients presenting with Non-inflammatory Vaginal Discharge.


  • Sayed Shah Khalid
  • Shafqat Huma
  • Usman Amin Hotiana
  • Muhammad Tariq
  • Muhammad Nadeem



Leukorrhea, vaginal discharge, anxiety, depression


Background: Abnormal vaginal discharge/leucorrhea amongst women of reproductive age group(15-49) is a frequently encountered
complaint especially across South-east Asia. It is commonly associated with tremendous stress, anxiety and depression. The current
study was planned to determine the prevalence of anxiety and depression amongst such patients.
Objective: To stydy, the prevalence of anxiety and depression as a cause of vaginal discharge in young women.
Design: Descriptive, cross-sectional study
Place and duration of study: Combined Military Hospital,Kohat, for a period of 3 months from June 2015 till September 2015.
Material and Methods: 62 consecutive patients presenting with non-infectious, chronic, leucorrhea were inducted from Gynecology
Outpatient Department, Combined Military Hospital. As per the inclusion criteria for this study, any female aged 1845 years presenting
to Gynaecology outpatient services with chronic non-infective vaginal discharge was eligible for the study. Patients with comorbid
mental retardation, psychotic disorders, or organic brain syndromes were excluded.
Their basic demographic details were recorded through a sociodemographic proforma and then Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
was administered orally in the native language to the participants.
The data was entered in the computer and analysed using SPSS 22.0. and results interpreted accordingly.
Results: 26(42.6%) of cases were normal, 10(16.4%) had borderline anxiety symptoms, and 25(41%) cases had abnormal/severe
anxiety; regarding depression, it was found that 34(55.7%) were normal cases, 11(18%) borderline and 16 (26.2%) were
abnormal/severe according to Hospital and anxiety scale.
Conclusion: Clinically significant anxiety and depression are frequently reported in patients presenting with chronic leucorrhea.
Appropriate and timely management of these could be better health related outcomes.




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