Prevalence of Obesity among Female Patients with Rosacea

  • Saima Rahman
  • Nisaruddin .
  • Aafaque Ahmad
Keywords: Obesity, rosacea, BMI.


Background: Rosacea is a chronic skin (mainly facial skin) disease of unclear origin. Epidemiological data are scarce and controversial, with reported prevalence ranging from 0·09% to 22%. To our knowledge, prevalence of obesity among female patients with rosacea has not been understood. Objective: We sought to investigate the relation between rosacea in female patients with prevalence of obesity.Material & Methods: Between January and June 2018, a study including 230 female rosacea patients were observed to understand the prevalence of obesity in these patients. Demographic data, clinical features of rosacea patients, anthropometric measures and BMI were recorded.Results: Two hundred and thirty female participants enrolled and completed the survey. Among the total, 188 participants were having Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea variant and 42 were classified as papulopustular rosacea. Of the total 26 were having BMI <21 while 7 had BMI>35. The maximum participants 97 had BMI ranging 25-29.9.Conclusion: There is significant relationship between obesity and rosacea. This is a window to further research to help to conclude if addressing obesity may help improve rosacea.