Efficacy of Condom Balloon Tamponade in Management of Primary Postpartum Hemorrhage

  • Zareena Begam
  • Neelum Zahir
  • Farhadia Sadaf


Background: Primary postpartum hemorrhage has a significant effect on maternal morbidity and mortality. Proper treatment andin time management of the patient have showed to decrease this morbidity and mortality a lot.Objective: The objective of our study is to find out the efficacy of balloon tamponade in the management of primarypostpartum hemorrhage.Material and Method: This study was conducted in Saidu group of teaching hospital, swat from 1st august 2018 to 31st July2019. All the patient with Primary postpartum hemorrhage were included in the study. All patients were first managed bymedical therapy and when the medial therapy failed then balloon catheter tamponade were introduced and patients werenoticed for stoppage of bleeding within few minutes.Result: Mean age was 27.04±5.42 years. 72 patients failed from medical therapy which was managed by condom tamponade.The response rate of condom tamponade in these 72 patient was 69 (95.83%) while 3 (4.17%) did not respond. There was nosignificant effect of age, gravida on the response rate of Balloon tamponade.Conclusion: The response rate to Balloon Catheter tamponade is high in patient with Primary postpartum hemorrhage due touterine atony. It should be tried before preceding to other Surgical management like Be-lynch, uterine artery ligation orhysterectomy in cases of medical therapy failure.Key Words: primary postpartum hemorrhage, Medical Management, Condom catheter, Response rate.

Author Biographies

Zareena Begam
Department, of Gynae, Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital, Swat
Neelum Zahir
Department, of Gynae, Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital, Swat
Farhadia Sadaf
Department, of Gynae, Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital, Swat