A Proposed Philosophy of Nursing in the light of Nursing Metatheory

  • Muhammad Suliman Uper Swat College of Nursing, Farhatabad Swat
  • Muhammad Sohail Saidu Group of Teaching Hospitals, Saidu Sharif, Swat
  • Maryam Shaheen Regional Training Institute, Muzafar Abad Azad Kashmir
  • Ubaid Ur Rehman 4th Year Student MBBS, Saidu Medical College, Swat


Nursing is a healing art which goes all the way through the ages of enduring pain and has now emerged in integration and recursivity. All the theorists attempted to guide nursing practice in the light of theory and theory practice integration is not just a hard sell but a compassionate and empathetic caring and healing relationship. Nightingale stressed on clean environment which improves healing, Watson's Caritas stated that attainment of higher level of harmony potentiates healing, while Newman emphasized on the expanding consciousness of self-healing art. Among these integration approaches, the meta-theory of Complexity Integration Nursing Theory (CINT) provides a diverse and substantial platform for care. This is a review paper/commentary proposing a philosophy of nursing for nurses, extracted from one of the meta-theory of nursing (CINT) to guide and be incorporated in nursing practice. Keywords: Philosophy, nursing meta-theory, healing, CINT
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Muhammad Suliman, Muhammad Sohail, Maryam Shaheen, Ubaid Ur Rehman. A Proposed Philosophy of Nursing in the light of Nursing Metatheory. J Saidu Med Coll Swat [Internet]. 2022Jun.14 [cited 2022Sep.28];12(2):106-9. Available from: http://jsmc.pk/index.php/jsmc/article/view/687