Comparison of Lichtenstein with Desarda Repair in Patients with Inguinal Hernia

  • Muhammad Nadeem Saidu Teaching Hospital, Swat.
  • Fazli Akbar Saidu Teaching Hospital, Swat.
  • Shah Abbas Saidu Teaching Hospital, Swat.
  • Sajjad Ali Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar.
  • Fayaz Ur Rehman Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar.


Background: Chronic groin pain is a common complaint after repair of inguinal hernia. Its frequently due to iatrogenic damage or entrapment of the nerves, in and around the inguinal canal, the most important of which is the ilioinguinal nerve. This study will help us give local evidence successful inguinal hernia treatment without mesh implantation if our study support it and we will come to know about the potential benefits of both these procedures and its suitability in our local population which needs further evaluation.Objective: To compare Lichtenstein repair with Desarda repair in Inguinal hernia in term of post-operative pain.Material and Methods: This Randomized control trial study over 186 patients, having inguinal hernia presenting to the Outpatients department/Emergency Response using convenience sampling. Patients were randomly divided into two groups. The postth operative pain was assessed at 7 day after surgery, using visual analogue scale. Results: The study was carried out on 186 patients, divided into two surgical groups. At 7 day interval, patients having mild, moderate and severe pain were 71 (76.3%), 20(21.5%) and 2 (2.2%) respectively for Desarda Group while 65(69.9%), 20(21.5%) and 5(5.4%) respectively for Lichtenstein repair. But this was statistically insignificant with p-value=0.415.Conclusion: Desarda inguinal hernia repair is effective in decreasing the incidence of chronic groin pain in comparison with Lichtenstein mesh hernioplasty but have no significant difference.Key words: Inguinal Hernia, Desarda, Lichtenstein Repair, Pain.
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Muhammad Nadeem, Fazli Akbar, Shah Abbas, Sajjad Ali, Fayaz Ur Rehman. Comparison of Lichtenstein with Desarda Repair in Patients with Inguinal Hernia. J Saidu Med Coll Swat [Internet]. 1 [cited 2022May27];12(1):47-2. Available from: