Conflict of Interest

To avoid conflict of interest, to bring maximum transperancy to publication process and adhere to highest levels of scholarly ethics, JSMC will not publish manuscripts of its Patron, Chief Editor, Managing Editor, Editorial Board members, Associate Editors, Statistician, Bibliographer and members of National and International Advisory Board. 

A sample definition by WAME states that conflict of interest coexists when a participant in the publication process (author, peer reviewer, or editor) has a competing interest that could unduly influence (or be reasonably seen to do so) his or her responsibilities in the publication process."

Any conflict of interest should be declared by all authors. This may include grants or honorarium, credits and promotions, memberships or any personal or professional relationships which may appear to influence the manuscript. Such competing interests are not unethical but should be declared.

Authors should state the conflict of interest clearly in the Authors Declaration Form. This statement should also appear at the end of the text before the references. If there are no conflicts of interests, the authors should state, none to declare.

JSMC will publish conflict-of-interest statement for each article.