Frequency of Hyperglycemia in Patients Presenting with Acute Stroke

Ambreen Ali, Ambreen Gul, Saira Gul, Alia Banori, Haroon Rashid, Mohsin Shafi


considerable impact on individuals, families and health and social care services.
Objective: To determine the frequency of hyperglycemia in patients presenting with acute stroke.
Material & Methods: This is across sectional, descriptive study conducted at Khyber Teaching Hospital from January 2017 to
January 2018 .A total of 143 patients (male and female ) with acute stroke within 48 hours of stroke onset, aged 45 and above were
included.In this study blood samples were obtained immediately after admission and sent to laboratory for blood glucose level.
Mean + standard deviation was calculated for quantitative variables like age, duration of stoke and blood glucose levels.
Frequency/percentages were calculated for qualitative variables i.e. gender, type of stroke and hyperglycemia.
Results: Our study shows that mean age was 63 years with standard deviation ± 28.34. Fifty two percent patients were male and
48% patients were female. The incidence of hyperglycemia in acute stroke was 27%.
Conclusion: Our study concludes that the frequency of hyperglycemia was 27% in patients presenting with acute stroke in our


hyperglycemia, acute stroke

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