Cardiomyopathy and its Various Causes Among KP Population

Sher Bahadar Khan, Muhammad Saad Jibran, Sayed Abid Habib, Ihsan Ali


Background: Cardiomyopathy is an anatomic and pathological abnormality resulting in mechanical and electrical instability of the heart. It's among the leading causes of mortality and morbidity secondary to cardiac issues
Objective: To determine the burden of cardiomyopathy and its different types among population of KPK.
Material & Methods: This retrospective descriptive study was conducted in a private cardiology clinic from January 2018 to March 2018. Clinical and echo data from January 2015 to December 2017 was reviewed. Patients with diagnosed cardiomyopathy on echo were included in the study. Demographic data with comorbid conditions and echo data was recorded in a predesigned proforma. Data was analyzed in SPSS 20.0 with mean ± SD for continuous variables and frequency (%ages) for categorical variables. Chi-square test was applied to look for significance of disease burden with p=0.05 as significant.
Results: A total of 2422 patients with mean age of 55±17.1 years were enrolled in the study, of which 46% were males, 60% were diabetic and 49% were hypertensive while 50% were suffering from depression. ICM was the leading cause of CMP among our population having a frequency of 55%, followed by post-myocarditis CMP and peripartum CMP having a frequency of 11% and 10% respectively. VHD accounted for 6% cases among CMP and HOCM 7%. Rest of CMPs were quite rare.
Conclusion: CMP poses a significant disease burden in our society with ICM being the leading cause, followed by postmyocarditis CMP and peripartum CMP.


CMP: Cardiomyopathy, ICM: Ischemic Cardiomyopathy, VHD: Valvular Heart Disease, HOCM: Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomhyopathy.

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