Correlation between Hepatitis B e Antigen and Hepatitis B Virus DNA in HBV Infected Carriers.

  • Iftikhar Ahmed CBM University of Swat
  • Siyab Ahmad Swat Medical College, Swat
  • Wasim Khan Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital, Saidu Sharif Swat
  • Amreek Lal Saidu Medical College, Saidu Sharif Swat
  • Fazal Akbar CBM University of Swat
  • Mohammad Ali CBM University of Swat


Background: Serum Alanine amino transferase (ALT) and estimation of the quantity of hepatitis B e Antigen (HBeAg) are thesimple and cost-effective diagnostic methods used for the assessment of state of HBV infection in hepatitis patients. However, inmost cases quantitative PCR is recommended for the confirmation of infection, prognosis and to precisely assess the real sate ofinfection.Objective: To study the frequencies fo HBV and to assess the correlation amongALT, HBe Ag and HBV DNA in the diagnosis ofhepatitis B carrier patients.Materials & Methods: This retrospective study was conducted in Amreek Clinical laboratories, Saidu Sharif Swat. The duration ofstudy was three years from Jan 2015 to Jan 2017. A total of 41 cases were collected and evaluated for various parameters such astypes, age, gender and tissue involved. The study was done after the permission granted by the ethical committee. Informed writtenconsent was taken from each patient.Results: The results obtained were statistically analysed. We noticed HBeAg level increased with the raise in HBV DNA. Theoccurrence of HBV was higher in males (63.4%) in comparison to females (36.6%), young persons in the age group 20 - 50 yearswere the most affected (80.5%). Similarly, the occurrence of HBV was higher in married persons (63.41%) when compared tounmarried persons (36.65%), however majority of the patients were asymptomatic (92.7%).Conclusion: It has been concluded from the current study that HBV carrier patients with the raised HB e Ag, are more likely to bepositive for HBV DNA. This suggests that the combination of biochemical tests (ALT) and serological markers i.e. HB e Ag may beused as cost effective, easiest and an alternative option to HBV DNA quantification by PCR. However, more information's aboutthe status of infection could be achieved if serological/ biochemical assays are coupled with HBV DNA estimation by quantitativePCR.Key words: hepatitis B carrier. HB e Ag Serum Alanine amino transferase Polymerase Chain Reaction
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